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Topic:mcjintro   Date: 2006-12-03
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This site documents the construction of a moveable chicken coop that is a bit more sturdy than a typical chicken tractor. You will also find pictures and movies of two different flocks of hens that lived in the RoboCoop over the last few years.

Black Sex Link Chickens Big and Free
Topic:chickenpictures   Date: 2006-03-31
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The chickens are roaming free today:

Moving the Coop
Topic:chickenpictures   Date: 2005-10-20
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One thing about the design of this particular coop, is that it can be moved. It is kind of clunky for a chicken tractor, but it has held up quite well over the years. I didn't do it on purpose, but I noticed that the chicken cam caught the move today. The chickens were certainly surprised; however, the fresh grass surely made up for it. Here is the picture and videos:


Try the ASF first, or click on the picture. If that doesn't work, try the MPEG-1.

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